Let’s Think – The Real Reason for Internet Brands v. xenForo

Last but not least, let’s look at their last wonderful claim:

We trust that software purchasers understand the risks of infringement of copyright law and act accordingly. We have requested that Kier, Mike and Ashley refrain from selling the software while the issues, inclusive of our infringement claims, are heard in the courts. We intend to pursue our rights broadly and vigorously.

We consider Kier and Mike to be talented developers, but ones who potentially fail to grasp the implications of their actions.

Don’t be quoting risk at me Internet Brands. I have been screaming since day one that YOUR OWN RISKS have not been managed properly, and that there is a complete lack of controls in place to manage your risks.

You’re welcome to request all you want, however the fact of the matter is that Internet Brands is likely unable to obtain an injunction. Here’s the truth Internet Brands: You talk the talk, but you can’t walk the walk.

I strongly disagree that they do not grasp the implications of their actions. More to the point, I don’t think Internet Brands have yet to grasp the implications of their own actions or the responsibility for the mismanagement of vBulletin, yet along the backlash and repercussion from pursing litigation in the courts. Some of them include support Kier, Mike, and Ashley. Many during the pre-sale have came out and said they intend to up their purchases originally from a single license to increase the number of xenForo licenses they will order. Floris, a former vBulletin member, noted earlier today that he shut down his entire wetalk forum network and began transitioning not one, but all TWENTY sites to xenForo.

Lastly, can you believe Internet Brands  just intimidated and used scare tactics at potential xenForo customers and current vBulletin customere? “We trust software purchasers understand the risks of infringement of copyright law and act accordingly”.

I would argue vBulletin customers know the risks of staying with Internet Brands and vBulletin. They understand by staying with Internet Brands and vBulletin, that they risk receiving a product that is inferior, that is shoddy, that continues to have inherent design flaws and is completely overpriced. The ship is sinking and the only people who do not realize it is Internet Brands themselves. vBulletin customers are scrambling for alternative solutions, whether it be phpBB, SMF, Invision Power Board or xenForo. Frankly, majority of the votes are siding against vBulletin and Internet Brands. People are itching, if not scratching, and scrambling to leave.

What can we take away from Internet Brands’s hoopla and bravado? It’s that they are crying foul and being poor sports. They had their chance for making good and asking for forgiveness with vBulletin customers, but didn’t. Now that a significant number of vBulletin customers have voiced they will no longer support vBulletin financially in any form and that they will financially support a brand new forum application created by former vBulletin team members, Internet Brands cry foul, and scream unfair. To me, they are doing nothing but grasping at straws.

At the end of the day Internet Brands, grow up. Customers have given you more than one chance to take responsibility for your mistakes and demonstrate that these mistakes are being rectified. However you’ve taken our generosity and grace for granted and now we will do what we do best: Vote with our wallets.