Let’s Think – The Real Reason for Internet Brands v. xenForo

I would like to believe that I am by far one of the most vocal people out there that has ranted, and raved about Internet Brand’s continued mismanagement of vBulletin Solutions, and vBulletin. My phone started vibrating like with extreme madness as I picked up a rash of alerts from colleagues and twitter notices on the morning of the filing. With my travelings these last few months auditing various companies, I’ve been regrettably away from this site and unable to comment or refresh content as frequently as I’d like to.

Now that my latest rounds of audits have been complete, I am able to properly sit down and analyze the highly publicized notice on vBulletin.com. Interesting enough, I have not been able to locate the complaint in any UK Legal Information System or any filings in the UK Court System.

First of all, let me say I am appalled at this lawsuit. While I am not surprised, I am appalled. I find this lawsuit childish at best, and it reminds me of a temper tantrum of a 5 year demanding sweets from his mother and father in the sweet shop. But moreover, I find it an attempt by Internet Brands’s management to save face, an attempt to put blame and point the source of their current problems on Kier, Mike and Ashley. Instead of stepping up to shareholders, and stakeholders and admitting that they were at fault, Internet Brands’s management have continued to wash their hands, screaming at the top of their lungs saying “it’s not my fault, it’s not my fault” and “it’s not my problem, it’s not my problem”, followed by a few “we were given these problems” and “there are no problems”. Sum it up, they do not want to take responsibility for their own actions, decisions, as well as the outcomes of their actions and decisions.

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  • Geo

    Great write up. I bought two licenses for XF and plan to buy many more. Once some of the features are available in mods or core that I need my main site will be switched. As for the other 10+ I had originally planned with VB, not happening. It will happen however with them running XF.

  • Peggy

    EXCELLENT article!

  • Jem

    All valid points, proving that IB has less than no clue on how to manage or develop software, as they have been proving for a few years now.

    Give that the is no legal merit to either the claims, or the manner posting that Adrian (the IB mouth piece and collaborator to this debacle) put up makes one thing it was written by a stroppy child who isn’t getting there way and being shown very publicly “how you do it”.

    I’m guessing Bob Brisco directly wrote this one, given the complete and utter lack of understand of what “re-factoring” is. Combined that with the “if we can’t do it and we’re perfect, so they must of used the outdated code base, it would likely of only come from someone that arrogant and out of touch with technology as well as reality …….

    I look forward to the humiliating defeat of IB and the public backing down and seeing what blame game they shift to now.

    A perfect example of how incompetent suits destroy everything they touch for greed and short term gains.

    Time to watch them burn and fund a case against the for liable and defamation now.

  • Superb article.
    I love the line “it reminds me of a temper tantrum of a 5 year demanding sweets from his mother and father in the sweet shop.”

    I purchased a xenForo license the day they became available, I dont know what site I am going to put it on yet but I just wanted to show my support for xenForo.

    I recone vBulletin will be dead in the water soon.

  • Howard

    Great article but some reference to UK law is missing as the case is not being heard in the US.

    Ignoring that it’s bang on the money.