Allegations of Election Fraud at Information Systems Security Association Los Angeles

Credible Claims of Election Fraud turns Information Systems Security Association Los Angeles into a Banana Republic

Reporter’s Note: If one had told me I would be doing a story on election fraud and a stolen election, I would have mocked one for suggesting such preposterous ideas. I very likely owe some colleagues in the industry a case or two of merlot and an apology.

On Thursday, November 30, accusations of election irregularities, election interference, and election fraud were made public on LinkedIn and that the election currently in progress at Information Systems Security Association Los Angeles (ISSA-LA) is being stolen.

Arlene Yetnikoff, a former ISSA-LA Advisory Board Member, wrote an open letter urging people to “ask questions as to how this happened and the reasons why.” Karen Worstell, author, a current ISSA fellow, the former ISSA-Puget Sound Chapter President and founder of the ISSA-Rainier Chapter, backed Arlene’s concerns of election irregularities in LinkedIn comments that several “qualified nominees” she submitted did not appear on the ISSA-LA ballot. In a now deleted comment, Karen Worstell hinted that an ethics complaint was in motion, however, there is no definitive proof an ethics complaint was filed, what the contents of the ethics complaint was, and when it was submitted.

Rafal Los commented that, “Given what I’ve personally witnessed in my many trips out to LA, I’m not surprised it’s come to that. When professional organizations become more about personal gain and money to be made, it’s a recipe for this exact outcome.”

Our Analysis

When the news first broke out, our initial review of the claim was that this was highly irregular, suspicious, and could possibly be false. A copy ballot was posted on Friday, December 1 by Joshua Chin potentially validating the claims there are potential election irregularities. No one from vBTruth saw the actual election ballot, however, all indications suggest the ballot is legitimate.

We reviewed a copy of the ballot posted on LinkedIn, and there is only one candidate listed in each category, except for one category: Education Director. There is no option to write in any candidate in any category.

Over two days, additional information surfaced, including the platform being used was Election Runner, which has support for Write-In candidates.

Karen Worstell has gone on the record on LinkedIn stating that the bylaws “are not being followed” and the “election is engineered”. Potentially two candidates if not more candidates running for the 2024 board that appear on the ballot have not attended six-chapter meetings, board meetings, or conferences organized by ISSA-LA, however there is no definitive evidence.

Among the “qualified nominees” that were properly nominated by Karen Worstell are former board members and former advisory board members of ISSA-LA. They were all blocked from running and appearing on the ballot. One qualified individual was nominated to be President of ISSA-LA, according to Joshua Chin via Karen Worstell through LinkedIn comments. It would seem to indicate that the election is engineered for the current President to maintain his presidential powers.

For the purposes of giving the current ISSA-LA President the benefit of the doubt, and we look at actions at face value, there is still evidence that the ISSA-LA President is abusing and clinging to power. The Ballot has not one, but two empty positions: The Education Director and the Executive Director. The Executive Director position does not even appear on the election ballot. Neither position has the ability for one to write in a candidate.

The inability to write in a candidate for two clearly vacant positions and writing in alternative candidates deprives ISSA-LA members of their due process of voting and selecting their board members. After the election closes, who gets to fill those vacant spots? Per the ISSA-LA bylaws – the current President.

Where is ISSA-International in this process? At least one board member, David Vaughn, was tagged on the comments of Arlene Yetnikoff’s post, however, ISSA-International is strangely silent in this process – which could be interpreted as a strong endorsement of the current ISSA-LA board’s action. The lack of any action in this continuing saga, in this reporter’s opinion, could indicate that ISSA-International has abandoned its responsibilities and could be in breach of their fiduciary responsibilities.

Let us call a spade a spade. The entire ISSA-LA election process is fraught with irregularities and has potentially several ineligible candidates. The ballot is setup in a manner to enable the current President to win and maintain his power.

The ISSA-LA chapter is a banana republic – run by a dictator and his cronies.