Attention Deficit Disorder – Internet Brands’ Direction?

Internet Brands acquires ForumRunner. But they also have competing products.

Well if you have not been observing the news, Internet Brands acquires mobile app developer Forum Runner.

Don’t get me wrong here, it’s definitely a win in the direction for Internet Brands, if you count also the additional bloat they now add to your forums, as well as maybe mediocre coding, dismal corporate culture, and did we forget competing products? Ooops?

The problem I see here is Internet Brands is bleeding. No, correction, they are hemorrhaging money like no other.

They’re barely getting their act together thanks to Allen Lin, however, they don’t know what to do! They’re caught, frozen, like deer in headlights. They have no sense of direction. They have no vision, no goals except money money money.

Plus they buy another application that while it adds to their portfolio, it also cannibalizes their own time, effort and energy at developing their products. It does not complement their products in anyway. There is no strategy. There is no corporate “synergy.”

Oh and don’t get me started on the pricing. They are raping customers wallets. Why? Because they don’t know how to spend it wisely. They are running up the credit cards to pay for the timeless strategy of throwing everything on the wall and hoping it sticks.


Well wake up Internet Brands. Wake up Hellman & Friedman. This is gross mismanagement. Any first year auditor would write this organization’s senior management up for this level incompetence.

Let’s face it. vBulletin has no shape. It is like this piece of liquid ooze, spreading all over the place trying to be good at everything. The reality is they suck at everything. They should be focusing on being excellent, superb at a few things, rather than be mediocre (which they have not attained mediocrity yet).