vBulletin 4 – This is ridiculous – by Wilfred1

The simple, unedited truth.

Sorry guys but I have just got to say something about v4 and it takes a lot for me say something but I am just completely frustrated with this software now.

For the last couple of weeks I have been trying to use it and make my site presentable and every darn thing I try becomes a nightmare of effort. The simplest of things that you could do in just a couple of minutes in 3.8 takes 10 times as long – trying to figure out what css does what with some css changes being made in stylevar but that isn’t complete, some css changes in templates but then they all conflict and hard to follow – everything is just so half baked that a person has no idea what does what anymore. And, don’t get me started on these vb functions taking away php standard lines.

What you have achieved now is made vbulletin only for developers and not the bulk of your clients which are those average people that would like to set up a forum and make their changes in an easy to understand and follow system.

You may say well why upgrade? – because if I don’t I will become like one of the many average users that seem to be leaving v4 and who will end up in time completely leaving vb all together.

Why couldn’t you have just made one major change and done it properly so your customers could get use to it and understand it and then another major change in 12 months etc?

Sorry but I just had to get this off my chest because I am just so darn frustrated with not being able to do the simplest of things properly and easily within the design of the software anymore. I have a fantastic v3.8 site, I am not a developer thus one of your majority of customers, and finding it impossible to make my site v4.